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this is one of the comments left after the article:
"This article should make bigger headlines but it probably won't. Of all the technologies at our disposal, this one poses the greatest threat to freedom and personal liberty.

As an RF engineer I have played with these little gismos and the things you can do with them are phenomonal. For example, the same technology is used to code buried cables 35 feet in the ground that can be read by a receiver on the ground.

I also have seen them be used on dogs where the dog itself could be scanned and the data it carried could be downloaded from over 50 feet away.

So regardless of the claims that these little devices are "short range" and do not provide a big security threat to the individual who has one implanted in them, with the right equipment they can be read from much greater distances than the companies advertise and, to me, have a great potential of abuse.

Most of the cards already implanted with RFID chips in them contain 32 to 64 kilobytes of information. A lot of personal data can be easily stored and downloaded from a 64 K chip without the persons knowledge.

And we are worried about the government monitoring our phone calls to nab suspected terrorists? Does anyone else but me see the potential problem here?

- Dave Hardesty, Tracy USA"
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