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There seems to be a few myths floating around with respect to RFID.
First of all, let me make it clear that I am against the general implementation of this technology. I am talking about RFID here, not other systems which may incorporate RFID.

a) It is not possible to upload data to the RFID tag.
b) The RFID tag is just a tag which contains a unique code or string of data in 0 & 1 (usually 96bits or 128bits (0&1s) long)
c) They can be remotely read only when energised (powered up) by a changing magnetic field in a suitable frequency range.
d) The danger of RFID is it's ability to be covert and remotely read.
e) The second danger is the backend database which is used to tie the unique ID in the RFID tag to any data which is put into a database.

So on the face of it, it is little more than a barcode, but much longer codes can be stored on it and it doesn't need to be opticallr read by a reader using light, it could simply be in the rubber of your shoe sole or cart tyres or even sewn into the seam of your jeans.
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