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Originally Posted by darketernal View Post
From my perspective, anything that has you focus on something outside the self is enslaving, and anything that has you draw strength from within is freeing. Energy is neutral for the most part. It is what you do with that matters.

Ah protective barriers would not get a book published however. I'm able to defend myself very well psychically the majority of the time, and they do not seem to have any desire to kill me physically, so neither of these are large concerns. It is more the negative things they can do to other aspects of my life that has been the greatest issue.

That is a really great point..i like that..(and i know you don't mean lack of caring for others)

The thing i am focusing on is that you are saying it is not the method/path/ religion but the focus and intent...and that is an awesome point.

It is not WHAT you call it but the thing in itself.

So whether you call that source inside you Christ, or the name of some Goddess, or even Satan..doesn't really is the getting in touch with that that matters and not committing idolatry by praying to something "out there"..

About the prayers and protection...
Maybe barrier was the wrong word..
Creating a barrier means something you are keeping out will be there.

Maybe a bubble of high vibration that discourages negative things from happening would have been a better way to put it..

Oh well, sorry we can't help out there then.
"Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it"-Thoreau
The enlightened Athenians main argument FOR slavery was that reason had to rule over emotion.

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