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Originally Posted by danceswithbunnies View Post
You said that we humans have a creative power that the elite do not.
I am unsure what kind of power you refer to..BUT

What would happen if we humans projected a wall of love and intent of protection around you and renewed it every day?
They would not be able to break that would they?


BTW Is there any loose rule of thumb for telling what is safe (as far as the occult goes) for us and what is not?

I would really appreciate the help.

It is a bit disturbing, that all religions including the new age ones, get you to give up your will to varying degrees..

As to the thread..
i saw that part of an Alex Jones Video where David Gergen tells Alex that he violated some understanding...after he found out who Alex seemed a bit odd...almost staged or does make me wonder if Alex wasn't commissioned to plant disinfo
From my perspective, anything that has you focus on something outside the self is enslaving, and anything that has you draw strength from within is freeing. Energy is neutral for the most part. It is what you do with that matters.

Ah protective barriers would not get a book published however. I'm able to defend myself very well psychically the majority of the time, and they do not seem to have any desire to kill me physically, so neither of these are large concerns. It is more the negative things they can do to other aspects of my life that has been the greatest issue.
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