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Originally Posted by grannie27 View Post
I am not Irate just mildly amused at the foaming tyraid of abuse by the usual suspects ....

The facts are all the Crap that UKIP has been accused of By the MSM was ignored in the EU election a local level they got 30% ,not bad for the New kids on the Block ..
if the mud flinging keeps up I expect a landslide on 2015 ..
keep it up people ..and the MSM .. you are my new heros ..
Who cares? UKIP are the underclass-tories, they're the neanderthal version. They're the same kind of people who work for the TSA in America. Rough, aggressive, willing to engage in conflict, thuggish, racist, hateful, bigoted, xenophobic, pro-paedophile jokes. Sick. Just like their tory masters. You can throw in Labour too if you like. They're all sick, just UKIP is the runt of the litter.

They got 27%. When did they get 30%? Oh, you're spreading disinfo again. BY next week, you'll say 50%. By next year you'll say they've been in power for 20 years. Facts, who needs them. And they got 27% of a pretty small turnout.

It does not matter though, it's just that they're going to screw people over more brutally, and exhibit more public satisfaction as they do it, than the white-collar toffs in the other parties. This is the only difference. At least the toffs are trained to look sorrowful while they screw people, UKIP will probably burn a few blacks or muslims at the stake as they institute their demented policies, which as it stands, nobody really knows what they are....least of all UKIP supporters.
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