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Originally Posted by getagrip View Post
tildatod's thread seems to be giving a good insight into how some of the UKIP party members brains work. I don't think it's muck raking in the least, imo.

And no matter how 'nostalgic' people want to get, the term 'Golly Wog' in this day & age is very offensive for reasons that should be clear to all.
FFS get a grip ...this was from 2011 when they were in the Conservative party

Did it make headlines then ??? other than the Daily Mirror I doubt it .

The problem is that UKIP don't have the disposal of GCHQ to trawl through everyone past lives Emails Twitters and gaffs ...Labour and the Tories do ...dig deep enough and you could find shit from everyones past ...yes even perfect me oh and Tilda of course ...
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