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Originally Posted by michael_mac View Post
If it's the lines I think your referring to on the neck, I've seen them before on people!

However I did see her on Jonathan Ross show and she did some overly confident! Also I have never ever seen the "Hannah Montana" sit com! Until last Sunday, when I came across it on the TV and her acting was totally wooden or should I say Robotic - she seemed to have an underlieing aggression - very odd! Also her father reminded me of the scarecrow from "Wizzard of Oz!" It was his hairstyle it looked like straw! I'll have to watch it again and see what the next one is like? But my first impression was that it's very weird!

Miley has her very own Toto given to her by her Auzie boyfriend who apparently got her hooked on to using the word 'mate'. The dog is called Mate.
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