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here they didnt make that illegal the just send a bill to pay tax for every exchange. so either go underground and keep quiet or make sure your bookkeeping is up to par, because somehow they always find you to pay taxes.

and the need for microchipping is i believe not very realistic anymore. we all have phones now, smart tv, game consoles, etc. and if or when you are like me you will be also aware that in these days and age beings are also spiritual traceable.

so imo its better to find a way to enjoy life and defend you, your loved ones and your premises on all levels of being. the world is full of things, some you like, lots you wont like just likethe op's subject. if you really really cant live with using this contactless system, stand your ground and find another way. if youre having more of a mwah irritation move on and USE it for your OWN purposes.

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