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Default Contactless payments on the increase

Despite David Icke talking about the move towards more cashless ways of paying for things, and rightly so IMO being very concerned over where it's heading, from my general day-to-day observations of people in the street, I don't see anyone fighting against it. I've seen an increase in people (of all ages actually not just the naive young) in a shop of a bar/pub just pulling out their card and giving the card machine a swipe using contactless. When I see people do this it gives me the creeps. It also makes me think just how gullible, convenience-driven and pure lazy we've become. I'd rather use money, and if I've no cash on me then all I do is nip over to the cash money to draw our the money I need to pay for something, but most people it's becoming a habit to use their card, even when paying for really cheap and trivial items. I was in a charity shop today (I don't go one very often but I was with a colleague was hunting for some DVDs), and there was a very elderly woman in front of us and she used contactless to pay for something.

Is there anything to stop it? I don't see it myself.

As Icke has mentioned many of times, what happens when cash isn't available and only card can be accepted?. How would you give money to the homeless? (not as though most people do anyway), give to charity, cash in hand, exchanging unwanted items, toys, etc for money etc?. Imagine someone coming to pick up some old toys you're selling and you have to pay contactless.
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