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We humans are holographic fragments of the 'Rebel' who created our world out of itself in a desperate bid to escape from cause-and-effect (Karma), I believe. The Rebel's manifestation on Earth as holographic fragments is hinted at in channeled information and at the movies, e.g. "Multiplicity"; "Being John Malkovich"; "Attack Of The Clones".  
A similar, but more positive New Age view (where the 'Creator' is a 'good' Creator) is in the psychically channeled writings of KEN CAREY ("The Starseed Transmissions"), who is endorsed by New Age leading lights, e.g. JEAN HOUSTON, BARBARA MARX HUBBARD, LOUISE HAY, SIR GEORGE TREVELYAN, JOSE ARGUELLES. 
In the Walt Disney movie "Fantasia", the poet GOETHE's poem "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" is the basis for a sequence when a magic broom breaks up into smaller versions of itself (fractal). The apprentice is unable to stop the  broom from fetching pails of water (and causing a flood), so chops the broom up, but the pieces just become smaller brooms that continue working. This story has its' origins at least with the 2nd century writer LUCIAN and his story "The Lover Of Lies". Lucian wrote arguably the earliest known story about a trip to the moon. 
Goethe wrote "Faust", in which the Devil makes a bet with God. Consequently, the Devil makes a pact with a human (Faust), in which the Devil acts like a Genie, giving Faust what he wants. The Rebel similarly wants to eliminate its karma to get what it wants.  
The holographic principle can be symbolised with MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), which features in the sci-fi novel (and film version) "K-PAX", in which a mental patient with MPD (a.k.a. DID) claims to be an alien from a utopian planet where there is no government; no formal laws; a peaceful self-organizing anarchy. 
A split personality is a theme in the horror story of Jekyll and Hyde (good separated from evil). 
The holographic principle is seen in the ancient Indian myth of the net of the deity INDRA, which consists of connected jewels (or pearls) that reflect each other. Indra is described as a magician/illusionist and – like Saint George and others – he slays an 'evil' serpent/dragon. Slaying a dragon symbolises the elimination of karma, I conclude. 
Indra's net is used to trap his enemies. Our world/realm is also a trap, in that it is difficult to leave. A net captures a large amount of fish thanks to Jesus, who says that he will turn fishermen into "fishers of people". The Gnostics regarded our material world - especially human bodies- as a comic prison, which links to the notion of 'sinful flesh'. 
Indra's net hangs over his palace at the centre of the cosmos/world/universe, located on a mountain (Mount MERU). The centre of the cosmos/world equates with the 'eye' of the karmic storm where there is no karma. At the centre of the world – in some legends – are dragons/serpents/snakes, e.g. the serpent PYTHON who is slayed by the Greek God Apollo. 
Mount Meru features in Buddhism too, and is depicted at the centre of MANDALAS. A mandala represents the entire cosmos/universe. Meru has 5 peaks, corresponding with 5 Buddhas. There is a mandala of the "five Buddhas". The Buddha wants to escape karma. 
At the centre of a mandala called the WOMB REALM (or MATRIX REALM) sits the Primodial Buddha (or 1st Buddha or Celestial Buddha) named VAIROCANA (an aspect of Buddha). Vairocana, in this mandala, is surrounded by 8 Buddhas, who in turn are surrounded by numerous others who seek Buddhahood (enlightenment). see theses images:
To illustrate the principle behind Indra's net, a Buddhist called FAZANG (FA-TSANG) devised a hall of mirrors with a statue of Buddha in the middle, whose image was replicated infinitely. A hall of mirrors features in the martial arts film starring BRUCE LEE: "Enter The Dragon" (1973), written by MICHAEL ALLIN, who also co-wrote the sci-fi movie "Flash Gordon" and who collaborated with Director NICOLAS ROEG ("The Man Who Fell To Earth" and "Don't Look Now"). 
Multiplicity is a commandment of the Biblical God who after his flood tells the surviving humans (Noah et al) to be "fruitful" and "multiply". On a smaller scale, all life forms begin  as single cells that divide and multiply. We humans, writes Ken Carey, will become the 'brain cells' (so to speak) of a superorganism that will explore the universe, directed by the 'Creator'. 
Many versions of the comedian ROBIN WILLIAMS appear in the "Family Guy" episode "Family Guy Viewer Mail #2". Robin Williams appears in manifold forms after Peter Griffin's love of Williams magically results in everyone he touches turning into versions of Williams, a bit like the mythical King Midas whose touch magically turns everything and everyone to gold. But his wish is more of a curse, when food and people also transform to gold. Creating gold from base metals is a goal of Alchemy. This alchemical gold- I conclude- is symbolic of the  quest for immortality, which is the Rebel's liberation from time and karma. 

Holograms and Gnosticism are central themes in the Philip K. Dick sci-fi novel "VALIS", in which we are told that the esoteric/alchemical writer HERMES TRISMEGISTUS described the holographic principle with the maxim "As above, so below" ("That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above..." in order to "...accomplish the miracle of the One Thing"). This maxim is depicted with characters who have one hand raised upwards and the other hand pointing downwards. See the following images: The Magician:

Baphomet, who symbolises the alchemical great work:

John Travolta, as Tony in "Saturday Night Fever"

Modern day magician/illusionist DAVID BLAINE described his 40 days of fasting as "Above The Below". See my new website for more information
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