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Originally Posted by 302bluefog View Post
Well I have been coaching basketball for the last 3 years at a High School in Delaware where most of the kids on my team are from inner city Wilmington. I have had to deal with shootings and fights at games. I have had to lock parents in the locker room because of kids getting shot in the crowd. I have had to deal with alot of gun violence and seen good kids turn to victims of poverty. Like one kid this season who is a very nice 15 year old black kid (non thug) from N.O (hurricane katrina victim) moved up here to escape 3rd ward New Orleans and found out Wilmington can be just as dangerous. He got shot with a .45 on Madison St and lived. In the summer I leave my home in the suburbs and go to the city to coach the summer league with my feet on the concrete in the worst parts of Wilmington . Anyway my point is not alot of people realize some of America has worse then 3rd world conditions in some parts. Since I have been all over Jamaica and other 3rd world countrys like Mexico where I absolutely without a doubt felt far more safe. What I have learned is the Media and Drug Culture here in the States create such Evil conditions in the hood that its totally insane. Where in other countrys that are far more poor seem to have more peace and happiness in the bad parts.
I've been in some 3rd world countries too and I don't think Wilmington is as bad. Poverty wise anyway, but the street culture may be more violent in the U.S.

Anyway, I applaud you for your work. It is hard to see good kids become victims of their f'd up parents or neighbors. I did a short teaching stint at Nativity Prep (if you know where that is) and it was the most rewarding job I've ever had. Most of the parents there were trying to make their children's lives better though.
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