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Originally Posted by 302bluefog View Post
True, South America is way more wild but America is a rich country. We have billions to spend every week on war (for 10 years in a row). Brazil is not fighting wars all over the earth. Here in the states we could easily spend the war budget on poverty and education and the pics i posted would be dust in the wind.
They could also have work programs where those who are receiving a government check could earn it while learning a trade. Perhaps they could repair these slums that they live in and learn some carpentry skills. Some of them don't even want to try and work because the government has brainwashed them into a victim mentality(you are also correct about the education). It's really sad- a vicious cycle.

I know there are those who really need the help but there are many who are abusing the system; I've witnessed it myself; especially with food stamps. And don't get me started on disability! My uncle busted his ass his entire life; then due to a rare medical condition is paralyzed from the waist down(he has many other health problems as a result). He was repeatedly turned down for disability, finally got it, then got declined again.
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