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Default Dark Figures, a part of you

Hello again,
I was reading about the dark figures the grey lady/old man are very common. I watched a programme on TV a while ago about the dark figures. Some people who experience them in there sleep have terrible night terrors. One man slept in a church because he was so scared! Anyway I found this quote on a lucid dream site, very good advice

Once, I had a dream in which a German soldier from WWII was coming after me to make me prisoner or something. I ran down a bridge and hid myself in a corner. Then I realized I was dreaming.

"I want to know who that is that is after me, and why he’s doing it" I said to myself.
I yelled: "Here I am! Come and catch me!".
There he came. But the mean-looking soldier had transformed in a small childlike woman.
I asked: "Who are you?"
She replied: "I’m your fear for the unknown."
This was a very emotional moment in the dream and crying, I hugged her.

I realized that my "fear for the unknown" had made me "run away" in real life situations.

The best advice about fear is to face it. If you keep running away it will get worse and worse. Be brave just remember the dark figures are just a mental projection they can't hurt you.

Get this, I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I was telling some people about lucid dreams and I still can't have one LOL

And a few nights ago I had another dream and in the dream I was having a lucid dream and I wasn't lucid! lmao

"It's Just a Ride" - Bill Hicks
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