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Those dark figures are fairly common amongst people I know. I must admit that the majority of the people who I know that have seen them, myself included, have abused or been careless (excessive consumption and partying) with drugs. But as far as I know, nobody was on anything at the time of the 'dark man' experiences, more like the drug taking opened up a parrt of us to their experience.

I definetely felt awake or that I was lucid dreaming (from what I've heard about lucid dreaming) when it's happened to me. The first time was very disconcerting, especially when it roared and lunged at me. From my experience I think they are harmless, just freaky because we aren't used to that sort of thing happening.

Lilloz, you say you had to learn to walk when you began lucid dreaming. That is similar to what Carlos Castaneda had to do to explore the realms/dimensions/dreams that he did with his teacher Don Juan.

I have never been able to move yet when lucid dreaming, but I worked out pretty quickly to relax and send out good vibes to the dark man or men or things or whatever they are. ie; I don't show fear and kind of ignore them and they go away. The occurences became rarer the longer time progressed since I last took any drugs. I found even getting drunk made the next few months more likely that I would see them. I haven't had a drink since last April, aprt from a few on xmas day.

jeffangel, occasionally, not for a long time now, I had weird techno attack/interference experiences in my sleep. Once it even happened at a reiki farmstead (run by someone who doesn't charge, so the intent of the place is very altruisic). The woman said it was the first negative thing she had heard of at her place. Another night there, I think it was on the same weekend, I heard a vooice as clear as day tell me "Your father is dead." It was another lucid dreaming kind of thing. Thankfully he wasn't and is still alive, but man that was a freaky one.

A part of me likes these sort of experiences because it's kind of physical proof that this world is not all that there is. As I haven't had a 'positive' or 'being of light' sort of experince I view the dark ones as the next best thing. It sounds weeird and creepy I'm sure but I don't know how else to explain it. I would love to hear my highr self or inner voice or something like that speak to me or appear as a ball of light or something, but hasn't happened. So I just view my ghostly friends as proof that their is more than this.

I think I am more of a 'knowing' person than an 'experiencing' person. Like I 'know' there is more than this level of reality but I haven't experinced the 'oneness' or anything close to it. But I 'know' it. Wouold love a oneness or all loving experience though, just to remove my doubts and insecurities once and for all.

After saying all of that, a part of me feels as though perhaps it isn't for me. I feel there is the possibility that I have chosen to take the slow road 'home'. Typical!

Well I've gone off topic a bit (oops.)
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