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Originally Posted by berten60 View Post

Also don't forget you cannabis haters,
that the owner of this site
promotes personal choice and freedom.
That means it is up to YOU whether you wish
to take or not to take a certain substance or plant.

By the way those cannabis haters rant & rave against weed,
one would think they are afraid that once it is legal,someone
will break down their front door and stuff the stuff (Lol !) down their throats.
When a thing is legal,that does not mean it automatically
becomes mandatory or enforced...
No one hates cannabis (it's just a plant with rather nice leaves) and kindly stop labelling people. That is a bad habit.

Nothing wrong with personal choice either but no one should expect a society of 60 million people to all take one step to the right just because of a person's choice. There are two countries in the world now that have legalized cannabis so cannabis users can now use personal choice and freedom and relocate to one of them.

Globalism isnt just the reserve of corporations it's whenever someone says one country should be like another country.
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