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Originally Posted by quadrati View Post
Yeah yeah. They all had milk first. I get it. But there are no babies giving it the big "I got a pure stone out of that feed man" are there?
What goes on behind closed doors though?

I'm not really crying since my side won. I know it's tragic to look at it that way but tough titties (I don't mean to offend baby titty milk stoners).

Propaganda? Nah, I was spouting the pro cannabis propaganda 20 years ago. Then I got it. It's a fucking disaster waiting to happen. Change your tune, if you retards stopped comparing it to alcohol you might actually get somewhere. Condemning the legal drug doesn't do you morons much of a favour does it?

When it's legalised we can wait a while then come back and see the true effectt via statistics. The same ones you guys use for alcohol.

Merry christmas.
Well I was born a psychopath and a moron, so maybe that's what happened. It made me totally normal instead.

I agree let's wait a while for the statistics to come back. You will be surprised.

And honestly I think it's mindbogglingly that advocating free use of a plant is viewed as propaganda on here. Tptb have literally been using propaganda for at least 80 years in an effort to demonize cannabis. They even declared war on it.
But guess what..... The plant won.

So fuck you guys for continuing the propaganda on a site discussing conspiracy and the likes. You should know better.
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