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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
The eugenics programme of the cabal does not just work through vaccines. it also works through food and drink addidtives, chemtrails, GMO's, vaccines, wifi etc

These preservatives are bad news
I absolutely agree.... the health ranger is an expert and can be trusted.... but look who is backing this idea , the WHO !!! A NWO controlled group pushing vaccines.

This is a trait I've noticed before, the media is constantly bringing up things which 'cause cancer' and they do .... but the effect on the public is to stop caring , what can they do ? food additives are everywhere , Wi Fi is everywhere, so people see the explosion in cancer as inevitable, and due to dozens of different toxins.

In reality, perhaps 90% of cancers is due to poisons put in vaccines , and all the other things only account for 10%.

The NWO is desperate to divert attention away from their No 1 kill mechanism, vaccination.

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