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Excellent thread Celtic Isis Thanks for doing the work, it's much appreciated.

We talked about a certain number of problems « monnaietaire » currency/financial problems…we talked about the entry of Turkey into the European Union…There you go, they are conferences, the debates, that are organised with people who are selected, pardon for the pretention, on some of the subjects treated, not on all, but that they are people who are, that they are of a certain « luminary background » and experience…so it’s this the the big « complot » international plot, who come together in those places, those conferences.
The above is part of your transcript Celtic. That bit where you use the word "luminary", what does that word actually mean in the context of the interview ? (Cos it's a bit like "illuminati"). Is that what he meant ?

Also, was he fired AFTER that interview ? And what were the reasons given for firing him ?
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