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The German government has set up an explicitly-illustrated website dedicated exclusively to promoting interracial sex between the nonwhite “refugees” and Europeans.

The new website, called “Zanzu—My body in words and images”—was set up by the Ministry of Health’s Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (“Federal Center for Health Education,” BZgA) in cooperation with a Belgian-government funded “Expertise Center for Sexual Health” called Sensoa.

Now I know the left will go bananas at this, this is the problem. When the left and the government are in the same mindset one has to question.

Now I know what they are saying straight off, R.........................

How do you destroy the sense of nationalism? left and right are going to be at logger heads.

When you look at the UAF they are so proud to have on board the government who are anti fascist!

The fake left are simply shills for big business, the MIC, insurance companies etc.
I have said this all along, communism is the administration to capitalism. Mix cultures, destroy a sense of culture for the work culture because we are all just slaves to the created communism/capitalism Rothschilds. If you try to stop the plans of the 'government' controlled by the Rothschilds the left just come steaming in with R.................................

And when you try to be to reactionary to be 'nationalist' then you create the fences and create what the Rothschilds want to build a further disharmony amoung human beings.

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“We trade real labor for fake money to pay fraudulent taxes on stuff we don’t own.” Doreen Hannes

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn't exist." we live in satan world.
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