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Default Leftwing activist exposes true face of fake left

This is a wake up call to any folk young or old who are currently being duped by the fake left!

So why do i call it the 'fake left'?

I call it the fake left because it does not really seek to empower workers. the fake left is actually controlled by powerful capitalist forces who want to transition western society from a monopoly capitalist system into a global state-socialist police state

They fund many protest movements which on the surface seem like good causes but actually act in ways that are divisive to society

if you are reading this and thinking that i'm just some right winger having a go at social justice you are dead wrong. I was in fact involved in the left in my youth until i realised that things were not as simple as 'left' v's 'right' and that there was another struggle at work which is to say centralised power v's decentralised power

So the centralised power forces want to centralise power behind the state but the state is controlled by the very same el-ites who own the corporations and who fund the various fake left movements. They want us all to give up all our freedoms including freedom of speech and to hand it all over to their control. The people behind the corporate rape of the planet want us to hand over all our rights to their planned state-socialist police state

This is not left v's right, this is the people v's the elite (and their dupes and minions)

In my next post is a newspaper article of a left wing activist who has gone through the awakening that i went through about the fake left and has realised that lives are being destroyed by the fake left

I'm not advocating that left wing people shift to the right, i'm advocating that you recognise the danger from an oppressive state and start looking into ways to decentralise power (eg libertarianism/anarchism/volunteerism etc) down to the people to empower the workers NOT an elite (whether behind the corporatocracy or the state)
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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