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Originally Posted by bikerdruid View Post
all excellent points.
good to see you omar .. long time no spar.

Good to see you too Biker....Thanks

I would like to use this reply as an opportunity to clarify something:

I do Not in anyway, support the Ethnic Cleansing of Innocent civilians based on their Race or Religion for No Proper Reason

my point was to clarify that the groups in question are Not Innocent as many people may think.....the Yezedis, Christians, Kurds, Shi'as have Sunni blood on their hands (and also Sunnis have blood on their hands, but that was a reprisal for years of murder and ethnic cleansing)

I do Not, in anyway, justify the suffering of some group because another group suffered as well, I just wanted to set the record straight by telling to sides of the Full story, and show people that what's happening in Iraq is Not a group savage by nature oppressing a Pacifist group by nature, but rather it's a long journey of sectarian violence which has never existed in the 20th & 21st Centuries in Iraq except after the US Invasion


When Injustice becomes a Law

Resistance becomes a Duty
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