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Originally Posted by 07august View Post
Not my job to answer questions.

If you have a question, the answers are in cyberspace. Look for them yourself. I just post what I have recently learned. If you don't like it, quit following me around.

Why is it that you keep following me around, did Witch Ann assign you to follow me?

Tell me, is the maximum numbers of identities that you have 10, or more?

You funny witch posters think you are so clever. All know that paid posting perps ask and answer his/her own questions. You don't fool anyone. Move along as you said you were going to do.
Sorry 07August, but your deeper insights have made you a threat and Witch Ann has doubled my lucrative pay to stick around and discredit everything you say. If you don't like it, take it up with the witch herself. She's in charge, you know.
Lies are weapons that they use against us. Belief in those lies are the chains they use to bind us. This includes Fear. Knowledge is the key to unlocking those chains and is also a shield that makes their weapons useless.
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