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Originally Posted by 07august View Post
1/2 of the paid posters on Internet blogs are witches & witches-in-training, the other 1/2 are punks posting to make a quick BUCK. Which are you?

I will bet you have been raking in the bucks or whatever currency it is you use in your country. You are a sock puppet. English speaking sock puppets are in Australia, Britain, U.S., wherever English is spoken. This operation was set in place before 911 to control the 911 official message, the perps want the people to believe.
07august, you could be right, you could hold the keys to all the doors, but you discredit yourself and therefore everything you post with this "paid poster" reduplication. Believing, as you do, that everyone who questions your theories must be a paid poster is the paranoia of a disturbed mind.
Stop it. Just stop doing it. The information you post is very interesting and does bag my attention, but you're behaving like a clown.

Try for a week to quit with the paid poster stuff and channel all that energy into answering folks questions. Just try it, see what happens.
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