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Originally Posted by dreamweaver View Post
If nothing could have existed without a creator, who created the creator?
God question.

-dont kow how to quote .. nvm.

Creator exists, existed. There is a youtube video describing dimension from 1 to 10. even i got it to see from here or from another place. look it up plase.

The ideea is from my point of view.
Creator race - is a race of beeings that came from another universe, into this one- either created it from nothing . built it. left rules, knowledge etc. as simple as it can be understand.
For reference see movies The one - with jet lee, video game Mass Effect 1 and 2 . Neverwinter Nights - lizards were the creator race in that game world.

Its a very bold bold thing to go for the Creator or Creator's Maker when we humans have a bit of work to do here on earth , with our own thingys dont u think ?

A 3rd Alien Encounter , read it somewere, meet some Venusian aliens - at least the story is like this. Some aliens came and refered themselves as from Venus. They said all planets on this solar sistem are inhabited with Humanioid Beeings. When aked why they dont come and help us humans, they said - a very strict rule is in order not to interfeere , otherwise severe consequences will happen. Also they specified they, on Venus, follow the Creator's laws. - i wish to know those laws for a start. i dont really trust the biblic ones, still i agree 50% of them are fair. but there are some that just affect the mind and the subconcious from the very start in life, and its a rule hard to avoid.

Refference to nature. Only difference is that we create and influence stuff with our thoughts and mind. I am my own witness i have changed so many people in the last years, im affraid sometimes of myself. its hard to describe, but i have either affected by mistake my influence that i can notice so visible changes in behavior arround me. But i cannot porposly direct events , im just surpriesed as i can make things go GOOD or BAD. I have no direct control, or i dont know yet, or i have ... Blame the MOON.

Sailor Moon used to live on the moon - along with a big big civilisation.

EDIT : i have a dog, made him damn smart. dont ask why.... Animals ---- they seem to share same reality, etc. so the moon affects everything maybe and not just humans. still i need to get my little hands on david's book . Must ... have .. knowledge.. now ..1!!

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