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Your response makes no sense. For example - the DRUIDS were famous for the reading of entrails. How were they influenced by Christianity? Look around the world - blood sacrifice was going on for thousands of years before Christianity AND before the Jews (whose bloodthirsty Jehovah I detest). The Egyptians practiced blood sacrifice for at least 1,000 years before the `Hebrews' even became a people. The Hindus practiced blood sacrifice from at least 3,000 BC. The Scythians were also heavily into blood sacrifice from 2,000BC. How were they influenced by Christianity? Let alone the Mayans and the Aztecs - notorious for human sacrifice.

Did I say the Druids were influenced by Christianity ? Did i say the Egyptians were influenced by Christianity ? Did I say the Hindus were influenced by Christianity ? Did I say the Scythians were influenced by Christianity ?

Yet you provide no substantive evidence at all. All just hearsay.

Do you ?

Heh. So what would you call the gladiatorial `games'? They began as blatant human sacrifice, servants or slaves forced to fight to the death on the graves of their dead masters.

Indeed. what most people still haven't realised is that, by that time, rome was no longer Rome.
"Why was Simon Magus and his Gnostic teachings so readily accepted in Rome? Why did the ancient cool tempered and secular minded Romans come to accept an Oriental and emotional religious teaching, which was seemingly so foreign to their nature?

All the textbooks observe this tremendous change of attitude and temperament in the Roman people between the 3rd century B.C. and the 3rd century A.D., but few of them treat the question at any length. It just doesn't occur to them to find the answer. However, the major historians now realize what caused this change in temperament! To be truthful, there was hardly a temperament change (or at best only a slight one). It wasn t the temperament that changed it was the race!
Simon Magus, in going to Rome, came amongst his own type of people they were basically Chaldeans, Syrians, Phoenicians, and Samaritans, with only a very small Latin minority. Italy, by the first century of our era, was in reality,
Shemitic country. The evidence to support the truth of this assertion is beyond reproof.

The knowledge of this change of race not only helps us in explaining why the
Roman populace accepted Simon Magus, but even more importantly IT HISTORICALLY CONFIRS BIBLICAL PROPHECIES! The Bible states that the Babylon of prophecy is modern Rome. Many people accept this Biblical indication merely as a symbol, but it is far from being a symbol, it is literal actual! Old Babylon was destroyed; the Chaldeans left Mesopotamia; the land turned into a desert but where did these Babylonians go? The records of history show them today, primarily, in Italy! It is thus important to us that we have this evidence before us."

The gladiator games, as emphasised by various scholars, is a foreign import As Asians of all kind moved to Rome, they obviously brought their own customs with them. The gladiator games were criticised, mainly for their pre-Hollywood virtual representation of violence, by all ethnic Roman authors, while, unsurprisingly, authors of Asian origin such as Seneca were quite enthusiastic about them.

The irony of the Romans forbidding human sacrifice is huge. However the Romans never forbid `blood sacrifice'. How could they? Massive blood sacrifice was a huge part of Roman religion as well. The wealthier you were, the more animals you sacrificed. This was true all over the empire.

You keep confusing human sacrifice and animal sacrifice. With respect to the latter, ox blood sacrifice did flourish in Rome, yet only from 203 BC imported as it was from the Near-East by more or less ethnic Romans who believed that it would grant Rome a victory against their enemies, if the goddess Cybele, to be known later as the 'Virgin Mary' in a religion it sounds you feel quite close to, was brought into Rome. Many of its followers were from wealthy, influential families, and this is where the whole thing gets deeply interesting : mostly women were involved in that cult.

Do you know what a TAUROCTONY is?

It's linked to the pre-Christian Asian cult of Mithra which was introduced in Rome by non ethnic Roman soldiers of the legions. Please carry on : you are only proving my point.

Why don't you do yourself a favor - READ the ancient pagans historians who lived hundreds of years before Jesus Christ. Read Herodotus, Diodorus Siculus, Lucien of Samosata, etc.

Most of the instances of blood sacrifice reported by these authors pertain to Asian cultures such as Egypt's.
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