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Originally Posted by mysticmolly View Post
The situation is good and bad ...

Draco is not evil in many ways, his love and affection are real, even if they suit his own needs. I still have a lot to reveal ...
This is just one example of how the statements from Jesus about being born again, seem true ... it is like a return to babyhood in many ways. The brain changes seem terrible but really they aren't and I know I have probably done a terrible job of showing this. I really want to stress the brain is not damaged, it is not like the woman has had a frontal lobotomy. Mostly, you don't even notice your brain is not working in the usual way.
Originally Posted by mysticmolly View Post
Although the example I gave is not a good one. What happens is that some substances are given to the woman by the Draco "Anunnaki" (whatever you wish to call them, really I have no name. Pretty much like it says in the bible, we have no name and that is supposedly one of the great mysteries.)

Anyway names and titles aside ... the woman are changed by the substances given by the ... lets say the Draco (seeing as that is in keeping with the thread.) The substances are not manufactured drugs but could be said to work like our drugs. The substances are actually just part of their body's and part of what they produce.

In this way, I think the two species are designed to go together because how else can you explain them having substances which are designed to work perfectly on our bodies? In nature there is probably a name for this ... when two species interact with one another, apart from it being a symbiotic relationship I mean, which of course it is.

These substances which are in their body fluids etc, have a profound effect on our brains .. and when given ... one feels at peace, settled, relaxed and any brain function, that is temporarily lost, is not immediately apparent to the person absorbing these substances. They even make you feel bonded and attached to the Draco eg you feel intense love for them.

It is only after lots of time has passed that you start thinking "Why aren't I bored? Why am I just happy and relaxed and not puzzling over anything, or upset by any of this?" Or really "Why am I not thinking about anything ... at all ... apart from I feel good and I love Draco?"

That is, if you can get your brain to work well enough to even think that! Usually I come away from these experiences and then start asking myself these questions, at the time, they never occur to me.

So the simple answer to anybodies question of "Why would someone accept this or why don't you fight them?" Is well ... you don't seem to be able to think well enough to collect such thoughts together in your head. Of course one is not miserable but relaxed and content, so that doesn't give your brain any incentive to start thinking about getting away ... no alarm bells are ringing ... so the brain does not attempt to get out of the situation.

In addition I think the brain actually craves the substances and the feelings that they cause ... also the substances cause the brain to release it's own substances and the brain wants to do this, eg from the pineal gland.
This may help clear up actualities involved. I got tired of looking for a particular (1 sentence) statement, but these comments pretty much cover it.

For a horror-adventure story of inherent evil, its great reading, like Dracula & Mina or somesuch.

As far as Attaining Spiritual Freedom from the Darkest Forces Extant, this ain't it.
People, keep your wits about you, lest you find Your Brains Becoming Numbed, too.

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