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The Hot Rock (1972)

Robert Redford as a Diamond thief who puts guards in a hypnotic trance when he says the magic word

Sean Connery

The Terrorists (aka Ransom) (1974) Hijacked airliner

The Arab Conspiracy (1976) WTC in opening scene

Meteor (1979)

notice the trajectories of the meteors from the original poster

& the trajectory chart says it will hit on 7th December - Pearl Harbour Day

A meteor hits the WTC & the towers collapse

Wrong is Right (1982)

The President frames a middle-eastern terrorist by planting suitcase nukes on the WTC rooftop, the
public are fooled by tapes made from edited phone recordings by the terrorist.
Wrong is Right is based on the book, about islamic terrorists hijacking airliners & crashing them into tall buildings.

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