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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
A possibility, I suppose, but I think the chances of it are extremely, extremely unlikely and remote, given that I called the number twice within the space of 30 seconds and got the 'evil laughter' and then called it half an hour later (and multiple times since) and just got the standard disconnected message.

What are the odds I would have hit on the number at the precise moment when the rogue technician decided to change the recording back from the prank evil laughter to the standard message?

Also, the facts that the number hasn't subsequently shown up on the Purecloud call log (see above post) and that Telstra (the Australian telecommunications company) strangely doesn't have a record of the number even existing, support the idea that something freaky might have happened.

I'm going to call Telstra twice more on separate occasions to really make sure the number doesn't exist, and also try to feel out our IT guy at work to see if there's another way to find the call on the Purecloud system. I want that damn recording of the call so I can upload it for you guys to hear.
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