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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
Whatever it is.... do something! The worst that can happen is end up here again so there is nothing to fear.

itam37, who are this immortals?
We are immortals but our body dies just like your cells are dying everyday.
these are the real controllers of our humanity,they don t die...and they own our planet literally--it s their real estate
also,they have been going and coming from other words in space;
on Earth,they have these sc black budget programs....they are trying desperately to restore the gone glory of an ancient interplanetary civilization,they once had
if they can live immortally,so can we...only we are not allowed to know how
i suspect,that i have met some of them in real....they always leave the impression to me,that they are not humans...but general population dose not make the difference

and yes,i m doing something.....but no success so far...but i m not quitting

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