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Originally Posted by nefilim777 View Post
As for patriotism, I never understood why Brits would be patriotic about the Royal family, if anything I would have thought that real British Patriots would despise the royal family. There's plenty of other things to be proud of in your country, instead people celebrate paying for her corgis to eat pedigree chum. Celebrate your fantastic countryside, your amazing authors and fine ales, not some monarchy that lives off everyone else' hard work.
I agree with this. What makes loyalty to the royals particularly patriotic? Are they truly the best representation of the people? Not hardly.

It's like mass hypnosis. People can't say why they adore the royals, and why the line up for hours just to get a glimpse of them, yet that's exactly what they do. They also can't say what exactly entitles the royals to their vulgar wealth and privilege. What is it about them that makes them more special than the next person?

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