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Originally Posted by oneriver View Post
Yes, beyond simple to put a plastic bucket in a Lidl bag and set it on fire. LOL
And burn all the people involved.

What you fail to allow for, and I have mentioned this before, is the possibility that for some reason tptb have their hands tied in some way regarding their ability to just wantonly murder and maim, hence necessitating the hoax approach to their false flags.
You may have mentioned this horseshit before, but the pong still remains. The evil ones who sit atop are now developing a conscience or are themselves somehow controlled

Perhaps something has changed and they are now less cavalier about perpetrating cold blooded murder to further their ends?
Perhaps some nutjob took a bomb on a train and it went off! I did ask if you could take your autohoax nuttiness to the appropriate thread. Could you?:rolleyes
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