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Originally Posted by atlantabizgal View Post
Your response is frankly why the public isn't engaged in critical and open debate on controversial issues. People fear being ridiculed, its just not worth it to them.
It has been my experience that those are sincerely interested in getting at the truth do not engage themselves in ridiculing others opinions but rather want to hear all sides of the issue to determine truth within their own minds.
As long as there exists those whose only intent on sites like this is to ridicule the person instead of the argument there will never be intelligent public debate.
People who do lend themselves to ridicule of others do not bother me, I just chuckle and continue on.
I ridicule those who make no attempt to assess ALL information and steadfastly stick to their fixed opinion by sticking their head up their backside and ignoring complete posts. You just got owned and lack the basic truthing instinct of either refuting what I posted or accepting the new evidence and explanations.

There is a never ending conveyor belt of whackamole madness and people afraid to alter their fixed opinions.

Are you that afraid to be wrong! Your video isn't "critical debate" it is some yootub eejit trying to get his channel noticed by sucking in the clueless and gullible.

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