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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
This is a perfect example of ignorant youtube buffoons convincing the gullible. Every single thing in that dumb video has a simple braindead explanation.

No, really they aren't.


Correct, only it's you who is getting fooled

The ISS has been inhabited for 17 years. Technology may be around in the last 5 or so that makes CGI possible, with considerable time and effort, but certainly not on video from the early days. Films that use CGI take months to do short sequences!

This came up in a flatnut thread in the rant room.

OK, let's look at this stupid bloody video.....

1. Clip one is not a live feed. It is from an edited program that uses a simple overlay mask to obscure the soft toy.

2. Next we see some ridiculously incomparable Microsoft virtual reality that is NOTHING whatsoever like real images. It is at best good game level.

3. Next we have a reference to a company specialising in green screen backgrounds. NASA uses them for its educational TV shows that are outsourced.

4. Next we see Tim Peake with a grid behind him during an experiment with a tennis ball. The squealing ISS deniers go apoplectic whilst not realising this was footage used for a BBC educational program and the grid is nothing to do with a green screen background anyway

5. A "LOL" at a video transmission artefact of his hand and a microphone

6. Bare assertion "contact lens" claim because one astronaut has eyes that the idiot yoootubber thinks are odd

7. The arm "glitch" is a video artefact

8. Idiotic narrative talks about "tracking software", it's a video artefact again. This is a fast moving object with transmissions going through multiple relays and onto the internet via multiple generations of video copies!

9. At 5:01 the crap about his arm reaching for something is covered in the Rant room innocent gesture to move his shirt sleeves. Since they are both effortlessly handing the cap between themselves, what exactly is claimed that he is "handling".

10. The so called harness also covered....yet supporting somebody from the waist like that is ridiculous in terms of balance. The bit sticking up is curved and not taut.

11. The last one is piffle. Nothing wrong with it at all.

Now what, you respond to all this? Ignore it?

You are basically claiming that the ISS......

which has provided THOUSANDS of hours of footage, has 135 space shuttle launches, is visible to anyone with eyes, very visible to anyone with a telescope, radar and comms trackable with receiving software fake.

And this because some absolute imbecile on youtube puts up a video and sucks people in
Your response is frankly why the public isn't engaged in critical and open debate on controversial issues. People fear being ridiculed, its just not worth it to them.
It has been my experience that those are sincerely interested in getting at the truth do not engage themselves in ridiculing others opinions but rather want to hear all sides of the issue to determine truth within their own minds.
As long as there exists those whose only intent on sites like this is to ridicule the person instead of the argument there will never be intelligent public debate.
People who do lend themselves to ridicule of others do not bother me, I just chuckle and continue on.
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