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Originally Posted by the apprentice View Post
He will eventually run out of material and will move onto other subjects that we have already covered here on the forum.

This is the main forum where it's happening and where all ideas can be shared and or attacked.

What really matters is that we all prepare for what we all know is coming.
He has got another film coming.

I think it is scheduled for this summer.

Notice the amount of McCann bullshit in the media since his last film. Seems like there is something new every week. They don't want people to leave the official narrative.
One who questions, and people should question everything, including what I say, is questioning in pursuit of the truth. A skeptic, their foundation from the start is that anything outside their pea-sized norm is not true. So their skepticism is not questioning if something is true it's setting out from the start to try to convince people it's not. - David Icke Videocast 11 March 2016

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