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Watched most of the 4th part of the documentary. Very fascinating documentary Richard has made, though I suspect a lot will disagree on his research and findings, usually from people who are ignorant and can't be bothered to do their own research. Well thought out and meticulously researched. How does he even find the time.

What I don't quite understand about Richard's research on this case, is how on earth did he manage to obtain those police statements from the McCann's and other persons connected to the case?. Can anyone just look up these statements or did Richard obtain special access to them from someone?. And also, how would Richard know that the phone conversation between the SKY News reporter and Robert Murat ever took place; where's the evidence that what was said was true?. And why did Richard retice the "alleged" conversation and voice it in such a mocking tone?. He seems to come out with statements that we have no idea are even true or ever happened, with no copy of such statement to back up.

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