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Originally Posted by techman View Post
Nothing regarding Maddie as such, just that people around me aren't exactly followers of forums like this and don't like the things I talk about, which is to be expected of course. To be honest, when I bring up the Maddie McCann case with some people, not people who are even into this stuff, I've been surprised by their agreement that at least, from their POV, that Maddie died in that apartment from being given medication to make her sleep. That's the closest I've got with people who agree that something very sinister was at play. However, bringing up ideas like institutionalised child abuse, etc just doesn't register with them.

I hope Richard gets his new show broadcast soon, it's been awhile since he did his shows. Looking forward to some interesting subjects.
I posted the following on here some time back. There is a video on the tube in which Amaral was being interviewed on Portugese TV about MM, in which he stated that on the night of the disappearance three people were seen entering the church. One of the three was carrying a bag . On that particular night there was a coffin containing a woman who was to be cremated the following morning!
The Nameless War. The book they said would never be written.
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