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i also believe the true value of silver [and platinum] has been drastically undermined, either intentionally or unintentionally.

i am planning to purchase a few gold/silver coins over a period of time, but methinks there will be a point when the value of both could dip sharply.

i agree with size of light and psych. great posts/advice, thanks.

Originally Posted by icke_is_right View Post
Demand in India, the largest market for gold, recovered during the third quarter, encouraged by lower gold prices, a good monsoon and the onset of the festive season. At 250 tonnes, total consumer demand was 31 per cent higher than the same period last year. In value terms, demand hit the record quarterly sum of $US5 billion.
gold is the rage in india. almost every individual here, whether they are rich or poor, has gold in some form or other. and i find it no coincidence that it is tipped to be the next important player in the 'multipolar' world along with china.

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