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Default Buy Gold and Silver

I'm holding a lot of the above, so firstly if this isn't the best idea I suffer. I don't want to ram this down anyone's throat but this ties into 'what can I do?'. Finance is something I've been into since 1999. There will be other things to face along the way and this isn't the ultimate solution but I see this mainly as opting out of their financial system. It's a small thing that you can do, since a major part of this conspiracy involves paper money.

If all went well and all people on this site held a bit of gold or silver, after the 'revaluation' of money, people here would be better off and hence have more clout in the matrix world. I see more benefit if benefits and knowledge are spread to all.

So, if you're interested in what to do buy this book

Gold/Silver price is manipulated so that today's 'price' is nothing like what it is worth. This is complicated but in the end, if you can afford a few silver bullion coins, you will probably see the value of them increase massively over the coming years.

In the end, paper money isn't real. I'm converting more paper to bullion until things stop being such good value.

In the end very few people will heed buying bullion and this is why I think that they will be much poorer (in matrix terms). I'm sorry about this. I probably won't be contributing much to feeback in this thread, everything you need to know is in the book listed and I'll be busy acquiring more physical gold and silver.

A good forum on bullion... for general info surrounding gold scam by Fed.

Good Luck.
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