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very cool

herushura; Omega

A Closer look at the Omega Symbol It a symbol of the Sun Rising and/or Setting. Its also half an Ankh.

The Alpha or A, is a Pyramid, symbolizing Rising and/or Setting of the Sun

Alpha > Omega
SunRise > SunSet
Life > Death
An > Kh
ReBirth (Birth of Ra) > Resurrection (Ra's Erection)

Alpha and Omega is pure symbolism

Question what dose the half an Ankh mean and symbolize
Im not sure my self < I would be guessing but)
< between life an death maybe))
Image 1

snoopsnuffleopagus much of the old works have been prevert, mostly by human error, some of its from changing times, others there hindding things so others can't achive, what any one can, they think only they can.
Paganic Mystery School Symbolism This can go back, As well as China can be pre Hebrew Texts,

The suppression of the Original Hebrew Texts, they did them selfs because they were likly told to, most likely the ARK an the stone of destanty, and they have dreamers. Aspect of Jewish Religions are which are reviled artfacts, over the passed severial years after the Jewish peaples started talking about the End times, there waiting for some one. There showing they have kept there faith. In my religion St. Ann is in a Glass coffin, I think that who she is, in a church, so hiddin stuff is not there things. good info

Image 2 BSG II great tv show wounderfull seen StarBuck baby < smile )

Image 3 Who care's its just a bit DnA suck it out an bag for the trash can, aborssion and pornography

Image 4 This shot was labled 1 in a million. I would said God smile at him on that day. Freedom what would you pay to keep that around.

Image 5 This youg lady was in the fast draw, was the fastest of her times, I actial seen her shoot on Talk show-J. Leno show I think.

Image 6 This is the prize, The possibility of humanity invited in to stars, at lest the Milklyway, just one of the keys. but there a few things we got to fix here 1st. Think of it We could take severial life less planets and do some realy wild studdies, that could change our world, dayly. Taraforming Cloning in the saftly of a man made world, out size the system, space war tactic, We have non. Why more then one planet, over the long hull, main studdies field should split up.It will take severial generations of peaple, such as Biosphereic studies all new. you know new rings around Saturn dont just magicly appear you know, that water had to come from some where, is there any where close by that you of has got to much water that you know of.

Image 7 In up comming Topic I will do the hammer of thor. I split up the main IMAGE set over severial topics which refects, and poster topics. study them you will have deeper understanding of what we need to do. If you found and studdied the Imagery for study, you have realized, some realy wonderfull things, these Cloud Images are whats I think are called Royal aproclaimations. I do not make the statements my Imagery dose, Im just telling you.

the hammer of thor set holds, a lot information. in the undusted sets, Its like finding a old poster or image, and finding peaple have loved partied had fun and lived around and IMAGE. Thats the magic I'm always talking about LIFE. The Hammer of Thor is like that full magic. earlier post I post a device, I think that my engin, or power sorce. when the US of A exploded the 1st Bomb, a man made a statement.
that statement is a fact of that second. What if he had stopped. Someone else would have build it and who knows what the world would be like. But here we are, all alive.

Image 8 Cloud shape any one can spot, the center one is a special, I have never seen one that big that close to me be fore. I watch it about 10 to 15 minits, and when to the gas station and talk to the guy working and asked him if he like to see it.

Image 10 Hear no evil see no evil say no evil.
The Last letter of the Pheonician alphabet is Taw or Tau, Taw means Mark as in "Mark of Cain"

The Symbol of Taw is a Cross or X.

The Mark of the Beast/cain literally means "The Cross of the Beast/Cain"
this would mean revelations condemned people who carry crosses, how many Christian carry a cross? oops.

I like to study the known marks. do you have any imagery of these marks, that have been study before.
The word over has so many diferent meenings, like a Cross. Christian carry a cross's look like a
Evil is not hard to find my friend, you just have to look at the world. Who's doing what, which goverments try work for there peaples and which look after them selfs.

Its my oppinion that the mark of the Beast, is a horn, symbolizing little horn. I have seveial marks the mt of god, above an below. Christ < this mark is my soul, or the lamb, Im also marked by him in other ways), mark of the godus < also the mark of the Masson's ), Mark of Alpha and the Omega, < Omega) I have shown, others.

herushura this Beasty every one so freaked out about, we are fight it. but there killing the wrong thing.
because understanding is so limited in this subject, you make a very good point, all around.

Sorry for my type o's
Will edit if time permits
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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