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Default Exposing the Dream World

In the real world do we realy want to know an see the Faces of things we dont understand,

this is a QUESTION I asked my self

Another question I asked my self. will peaple understand when I realvile the truth, which you real do want to know.

Very few things I show come from the darkness, none are evil, these peaple are all ready passed over as they say
Religion is a very importate thing peaples feelings are, very importate. but when you put all of it in to a reasonable persecive, there is none, because they dont really want to work to gether, to make it work. And this is the beast in religion, add military or goverment its a perverion of something that was religion but now icelated, from the real peaple, there trying to save.

I am a hard man I come from, the streets, of canada. and those streets can get be cold as ice, but there are Angels here an there.

Peaple think I'm beening harsh, or meen, they asked me, where is the love. I am sorry I offended you. but my friends your alive, and you were born.

My question is for you, what have you done with your TIME. What you have done with your, love, you look around you, take a dam good look.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Book of Revelation, also called the Revelation of St. John, the Apocalypse of John, and the Revelation of Jesus Christ, is the last book of the New Testament. It may be shortened to Revelation but never Revelations. It is the only book in the Canon that is wholly composed of apocalyptic literature.[1]

apokyptic, I say

Why not
Step out of time I say

Why not shape time I say?

But if every ones up for the apokyptic < MADMAXIII)
I made claims an statements, they stand As they are.

I have no fear of my father boots, they are to large for me, but they are not a burden. A crown was force apone me of mountains of sin, while in a fight with Satan. This Crown is the one that Christ was Born with, but not the ones he died with.

But in away more user friendly

Let take this book of truths of Revelation or information from a supernatural source is of much lesser importance in some other religious traditions. It is not of great importance in the Asian religions of Taoism and Confucianism, but similarities have been noted between the Abrahamic view of revelation and the Buddhist principle of Enlightenment.

It should have no more power then Star wars, yet when its read it has dread full events of things to come. and leading to great events.

How they get the INFORMATION is in dream.
but not classifed as dream but He in a states I was in spirite he said

Which meens he wake. He's actialy able to read the Clouds. this shown over and over in art's around the world.

Other could as well.

The problum with this, it freeky, things can happen, an do.
But its write in a away that leads the right person to the Truth, of the Real world. most like all these events will come to pass, its reconizing the second it dose and reacting in the right way.

let say you are the AO.

you want to fix a problum. do you call down wrymwood, or empty the sea, all seems god like, but

what about after.
so they are last day or end times < signs ), but what next week, a year from then 10 or a 1000 years.

From AO side of things, these things that are ungodly, ways of doing things,< in my oppinion, The AO has FAILED an seeks reconpence, hence you get stuff like, the fall of Rome, Cluter nerely wiped out like the 1st Nation or the Jewish peaples others). in Revelation of Jesus Christ, they had no idea about what the babylone story was about.

Think of it just the possibility of the Human speice beening welcomed in to space, to bad about the hate mongers, holding us all back. I meen if you can not relate to your own speice, how can you relate to another. If you kill them, your worst, then them for doing it. An so we have Hell

There are many ways the AO can revial him self to those few, or many with out killing off the whole world, in order to move to a new and much bigger way of seeing things. If you think Christ was alway lovely, dovely, you dont know Christ. At all.

In live the AO is only a man, in life, it's after death and, how he goes out < die's, happy - sad good - bad ), an what he completes that counts.

My Question is are there other ways man would like to explore, Other oppinions humanity would like to rethink. Passively changing things, with out alot of confussion.

Say like untargeting populations. say between you big boys with the big toys fairly safely. These nukes should be moved off Earth out Range of the Earth for a limited Space defence, worthless I know but its a start, and the world need a little hope.

These things I show you, they read your sins, you can not lie or decive them. there are other dream of this level, throw out the world, not all them as bad.

Revelation, Aztec dream stone, seem pretty bad, and it could be. I have read the Aztec dream stone, I have all the Glyph + all the full Glyphs, to me it seems to be talking more about a gathering, and storing. I know the bible you could get very much the same kind of idea, almost like we are hidding there souls.

A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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