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Default NATO-Australia bilateral meeting

Informal meeting of NATO Defence Ministers in Istanbul, Turkey...

On her visit to Brussels last week, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced her intention to deepen Australia's relationship with NATO. This worthy aim should find bipartisan support, for reasons that lie much closer to home than the existing cooperation in Afghanistan: NATO's next strategic concept will reflect an 'indirect approach' to Asia Pacific security that can, in a limited but useful way, benefit the strategic interests of Australia and its Asia Pacific allies.

Since 2001, Australia's military engagement in Afghanistan has led to intensified political and military cooperation with NATO. Senior Australian political and military leaders now frequently attended high-level NATO meetings, Canberra has accredited a defence attaché to NATO, and both sides ratified a treaty on sharing of classified information. Australia is also the largest non-NATO contributor to the NATO operation in Afghanistan.

Australian special forces wage their secret war ...

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