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Arrow Norway and NATO

Together with the other eleven initial member nations, and the sixteen that has later joined NATO, Norway has played an active part in the creation of NATO as we know it today. This process is continous reform process and NATO is still adapting to the changing security enviornment of the 21st Century, playing an important role in dealing with both domestic and international crisis, peacekeeping and the fight against terrorism.

The Norwegian Delegation to NATO is staffed by personel from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence. Headed by Ambassador Vegard Ellefsen, the mission of the Norwegian Delagation is to represent Norway on the North Atlantic Council and in other decision making bodies of the Alliance. Together with the other member nations, the Delegation develop and implement NATO policies, programs and activities. The Delagation also follows developments and activities within NATO, both structurally and politically, of interest to all areas of Norwegian foreign and defence policy.

Bjorn (English), Björn (Swedish and Icelandic), Bjørn (Norwegian and Danish), Beorn (Old English) or, rarely, Bjôrn, Biorn, or Latinized Biornus, is a Nordic male given name, or less often a surname, meaning "bear" (the animal).

In the Name of the Father won the Golden Bear at the 44th Berlin International Film Festival...

There are 27 members, and every single one of them knows JUJUTSU. ...and they all have dragon tattoos..

Vegas gets tranquilized ...

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