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A classical Greek saying runs: sleep and death are brothers. It's instructive to compare death with sleep. We go to sleep at night and enter a different state of consciousness, but we awake in the morning as a continuation of the same consciousness as that of the previous day. In much the same way, reincarnation is the continuation of consciousness after death. Reincarnation is similar to the concept of a resurrected body.

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Secrets of elite reincarnation

One night, Albertina confesses that the previous summer, while they were on vacation in Denmark, she had had a sexual fantasy about a young Danish military officer. Fridolin then admits that during that same vacation he had been attracted to a young girl on the beach. Later that night, Fridolin is called to the deathbed of an important patient. Finding the man dead, he is shocked when the man’s daughter, Marianne, professes her love to him.

Restless, Fridolin leaves and begins to walk the streets. Although tempted, he refuses the offer of a young prostitute named Mizzi. He encounters his old friend Nachtigall, who tells Fridolin that he will be playing piano at a secret high-society sex orgy that night. Intrigued, Fridolin procures a mask and costume and follows Nachtigall to the party at a private residence. Fridolin is shocked to find several men in masks and costumes and naked women with only masks engaged in various sexual activities. When a young woman warns him to leave, Fridolin ignores her plea and is soon exposed as an interloper. The woman then announces to the gathering that she will sacrifice herself for Fridolin and he is allowed to leave.

Dream story

There is no password for the house.

He finds his way back to where the orgy had taken place the night before; before he can enter, he is handed a note addressed to him by name that warns him to not pursue the matter.
The after-death state is analogous to heaven, understood to be a state of consciousness, not a locality. But instead of remaining for all eternity with our "Father" in heaven, we eventually continue (with the help of a new set of earth parents) by growing a body on earth. Each immortal spirit periodically needs to express itself in a new body. Furthermore, reincarnation provides a field (earth) for karma to be acted out. We have another chance to meet past faults and triumphs, for all levels of our being to continue their development. From a theosophic perspective, humans almost always reincarnate as humans. A continuation of the same consciousness demands a similar vehicle.

It is said by Herodotus that the ancient Egyptians believed a human soul could reincarnate as an animal. The word used by Herodotus was the Greek zoo which, like the equivalent Latin word animal, can signify "beast" -- or can signify "living being." The term is properly used for an animate being of any kind, when the emphasis is placed on that individual incarnated in a physical body. Using the original Greek sense of the word, the translation becomes: "the soul enters into another animate or living body."

Where does our body resurrect? It seems logical that the place where our human consciousness reimbodies itself is this earth, the natural home to which it is attracted

Secret Mantra Secret Power Dorje Shugden - Part 1

Inviting Dorje Shugden and his retinue

I have the clarity of the Yidam.

Before me in the centre of RED and BLACK fire and wind,

On a lotus and sun, trampling demons and obstructors,
Is a terrifying lion, which is powerful and alert.
Upon this sits the great king Dorje Shugden,
The supreme Heart Jewel of Dharma Protectors.
His body is clothed in the garments of a monk,
And on his head he wears a round, yellow hat.
His hands hold a sword and a heart of compassion.
To his followers he shows an expression of delight,
But to subdue demons and obstructors he displays a wrathful manner.
He is surrounded by a vast, assembled retinue
Such as his attendant Kache Marpo and so forth.

Secret Mantra Secret Power Dorje Shugden - Part 2

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