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Default Journey to the centre of the earth

As a kid I went to see this film at the local cinema and was thoroughly fascinated by it. Of course I thought it was a fantasy but wished it was true. Now I see it is based on what may be fact. The theory that the earth is composed of concentric circles and there are caverns that are huge and what is most surprising is that this was predicted by the astronomer Edmund Halley. Then further worked on by the mathematician Euler and then by the mathematician Karl Friedrch Gauss. The writer Edgar Allan Poe also refers to it. I have just been watching on you tube the video inner earth civilisations exist and I can prove it on the channel Universe inside you. I’d like to know the opinions of others but also why it was suppressed for so long and if people know more about Edgar Allan Poe how as a writer he was able to come to this conclusion
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