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Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
It is too knowledgeable to be "made-up"
Yes, the storyline puts on per with JK Rowling's imaginative and somewhat too entertainment-like hollywood horror movie script. I mean we talk about satanic ritual in the forum but I couldn't come up with stuff like 'dancing with the skulls around the neck' and human skin shoes. You only need one skull, doesn't even have to be a real one(!), in stead of a necklace for a start and it ain't what you think it is. Anyways, to come up with many more of that elk, you'd need to be very imaginative person. To be honest, since this case first came to light, I've looked into various 'magical' systems purporting as on the left-hand, dark side but none to that extent! So I am not sure. To create a havoc in the world, human sacrifice is not necessary and the way children described is more like abuse rather than magical ritual tbh. imo, satanic gets a bad rap but perhaps you guys should look into satanic people, if their practise is that bad. Do some oogling where a ritual instruction includes dancing with the skull and report back.

If they were rituals, what were they for? More money? Why did they had to dance around all together? Safety in numbers? Oh pleeze....
I guess they weren't competent enough to do it on their own? A bunch of blinds leading blinds pretending they are doing something magical?

gawd only knows.
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