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Originally Posted by tinfoil hat View Post
The Human race are already mostly zombies, and the planet will be better off without them.
And I mean all colours, creeds etc.

What we need is some way of implementing eugenics without the evil implications that tend to come with the idea.

I mean it from a natural Earth saving perspective..
Quiet unbelievable that someone on this forum should make such a statement..

This is what bill gates believes and is implementing ...what his father taught him ... the lie that humans are scum and need to be eradicated ...always to "save the earth"....

The great challenge facing humankind is that every developed country has declining birth rates .... women , when given the choice , give up having babies , preferring small dogs instead ... Japan's population is declining so rapidly it's in crisis ...

Look at the expressions on these dogs faces .. Smug contentment . But it's more than that . They have a plan to take over the world !

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