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Jo Cox : An overview of the main reasons for the "specially selected" books, allegedly belonging to Thomas Mair

DIF Main Jo Cox thread : An overview of the main reasons for the "specially selected" books, allegedly belonging to Thomas Mair

Thank you felixfelix - some interesting links up there.

And well done for transcribing the Sky News and BiBiC Leeds interviews with Hichem Ben Abdallah. It takes a lot of time and effort to do that so thanks.

The Sky News video at that link does not now contain the interview and the 16 June 2016 web archive capture does not contain any video.

Listening to Hichem Ben Abdallah's accent, especially early on, before he switches into broader Yorkshire mode, leads me to suspect that he may be of French origin, which if true, could be very interesting, given the sublime 3119 day link between the birth dates of Sarkozy and Thomas Mair ...

Sarkozy and the elite EU milieu were and are clearly spitting tacks and are characteristically, full of spite, over coalition Cameron's veto of the new EU treaty back in December 2011 ... which was the beginning of the end ...


The fact that Katharine Viner, Rushbridger's Editor in Chief replacement at the Graun, was quick off the mark with the SPLC's kabbalistic agitprop, is no surprise at all. She is Jewish, allegedly of the self-hating variety ...

I recall back on 31 January 2007 the media feeding frenzy over the UK "beheading plot", when they were warned over possible contempt of court issues. They continue behaving in exactly the same way, with impunity, because it serves the interests of the state, while they rely on the public's right to know argument.

Just Alan's reply Tweet is appropriate here :

Just Alan @brighton_alan 17 Jun 2016

@KathViner read this quick!


I had completely missed headstumper's #494 post so thanks for posting that link !

It was the first of two posts headstumper made on this forum on 18 June - the day of joining and the account is now inactive ...

Following headstumper's links, it would appear that he / she seems quite au fait with the history of the UK nationalist scene, the South African Patriot, Alan Harvey's Springbok Club & his disruptive involvement in the old Swinton Circle and the mention of Arthur Kemp in the context of the murder of Chris Hani ...

headstumper's post, is intriguing, in that it appears to be from that side of the fence rather than the anti-fascist side, as there is no mandatory denouncement of the right and characteristically no overt engagement with the conspiracy thesis, whilst simultaneously adding grist to the conspiracy mill with his / her unlikely thesis about the possible real agenda being to marginalise UKIP by making Brendan's refugee and migrant imperative more acceptable ... to a country which had, in the majority likely voted at least in part, against just that in the referendum!

From headstumper's links and other searches, it appears to be fairly well known that Alan Harvey of the Springbok Club has always been Israel friendly and was / is suspected by some to be a Searchlight mole or some such ...

I suspect headstumper is really just reinforcing the extreme right, neo Nazi narrative here although I also have a strong suspicion that all was not well between Jo and Brendan Cox.

Remember that, prior to NWCTU getting their hands on Thomas Mair's home, all we had to go on as far as Thomas Mair's alleged right wing affiliations are concerned, were the freeze dried and fraudulent SPLC docs and their alleged letters to the Springbok Club.

The Angela Eagle MP ( Jewish husband ), now scrubbed, "Britain First" Tweet and Catharine Viner Tweeting Nazi regalia and the entire subjudice media propaganda, then amplifies this narrative with Mair's alleged 3rd Reich book collection ... a book collection which allegedly included Deborah Lipstadt's Denying the Holocaust, which is just too funny ... literally made me laugh out loud and of course, is in there for the usual reasons ...

Speaking of Thomas Mair's alleged book collection, I have been struggling to identify three of the eight "specially selected" books from this, "specially prepared" image, here for example, from Sky News :

Sky News : Jo Cox trial Man accused of killing MP had Third Reich eagle court hears

I have already deduced the reasons why we are being shown five of these books, but the three green hardbacks were a problem to identify.

One of the books in the "sepecial selection", March of the Titans, is written by Arthur Kemp, who also sells books at Ostara Publications

Recently after a book order payment had failed to return me to the vendor, I emailed Ostara to confirm that the transaction had completed OK. I received a reply from someone called Arthur Kemp and thought no more of it.

Through my travails investigating that "special selection" of Thomas Mair's alleged books, specifically, March of the Titans, I realised that Arthur Kemp the author, was the same Arthur Kemp who had replied to my email from Ostara.

So, as these "specially selected" books are from the same genre, I thought to contact Arthur Kemp at Ostara Publications to ask for help in identifying the three green hardbacks.

This week he replied and very helpfully identified two of the three green hardbacks, for which I am very grateful.

Hurrah at last !

They are :

• The Face of Africa, by Hans Jurgens, 1981

• Classical World: an Atlas of Mankind by R. Peterson 1985

• Modern Europe - author as yet unknown

The two identified titles and presumably the third also, were published by The Institute for Man in Washington DC which was created by the British anthropologist and eugenics advocate, Professor Roger Pearson.


A few of the main reasons why these "specially selected" books have been carefully laid out for us, not to see ...

Professor Roger Pearson's birth precedes Princess Bliar's enoblement of his handler, one Lord Levy, by 666 months, 666 weeks, 666 days ...

The same 666 months, 666 weeks, 666 days going forward from the birth of Baron Levy, of Mill Hill, lands us on the domain registration of, the White Helmets ...

The publication of the first hardback edition of Dr Peter Knight's, Conspiracy Culture: From Kennedy to The X Files, follows Princess Bliar's entry into politics by a mandatory 911 signature, this time in weeks ...

Connecting to the 3rd Reich meme : Adolf Hitler's Reichsfuhrer SS, Heinrich Himmler, was murdered, 666 months before the same edition of Conspiracy Culture was published.

Author Ron Rosenbaum was born 666 months, 666 weeks, 666 days before Brendan Cox, kids & cousins clearly did not stay at the Gwyrne Fawr Bothy ...

The Ron Rosenbaum paperback, Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil, updated edition was published on the same day that Israel's Operation Protective Edge began in Gaza on 8 July 2014 ... hence one of the main "complaints" against Jo Cox and her Early Day Motion on Gaza ...

8 July 2014 was also, 777 months, 777 weeks, 777 days, after "Britain First", Oswald Mosley, formed his BUF - the British Union of Fascists on 1 October 1932 ...

Recall that the murder of Jo Cox occurred on Enoch "Rivers of Blood" Powell's 104 th birthday.

8 July 2014 also followed Enoch Powell's death by :

666 + 666 + 666
666 + 666 + 666
666 + 666 + 666 days

Recall Thomas Mair's, half brother Duane St Louis' alleged statement about Tommy Mair's alleged OCD and scrubbing himself clean with Brillo Pads and that the incorporation of the Brillo Manufacturing Company of Great Britain, preceded the start of Israel's current PM, Benjamin Netanyahu's second term in office by 666 month, 666 weeks, 666 days ?

Recall also that the first ever UK trademark registered by the UK Brillo Company in 1909, preceded the birth of one of Thomas Mair's alleged internet searches, Anders Breivik, by 666 months, 666 weeks, 666 days ?

Well, as stated in that Brillo / Anders Breivik post, the first UK Brillo Company trademark in 1909 was not for the product Brillo Pads, because back then, the soap and wire wool were still separate in the box. Brillo Pads were not trademarked until 1937. All trademark registrations require and record the date that the product was First Advertised.

8 July 2014 also follows the Date of Publication of the First Advert for the first UK trademark UK00000579692, registered for the product, Brillo Pads by :

666 + 666 + 666
666 + 666 + 666 weeks

The publication of the hardback reprint edition of Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil, follows the registration of one of the beneficiaries of the Jo Cox GoFundMe appeal, the Hope Not Hate Charity by 666 + 666 + 666 days.

Recall that Eric Anthony Sykes, the co-designer of one of the alleged murder weapons, the Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife, died, 666 months, 666 weeks, 666 days, before Jo Cox's EDM on Gaza.

Well, the other co-designer of the Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife, William E. Fairbairn, was born 666 months, 666 weeks, 666 days, before the author of Death and Deliverance 'Euthanasia' in Germany 1900-1945 and Germany Turns Eastwards: A Study of Ostforschung in the Third Reich, Michael Burleigh was born ...

Recall the, now mostly gone, Cadbury's Flake Killer headlines and that specially framed SOCO photograph published in certain rags ?

The publication date of the hardcover first edition of Michael Burleigh's book Germany Turns Eastwards: A Study of Ostforschung in the Third Reich, followed the birth of Richard Cadbury, who founded Cadbury's Cocoa and Chocolate Company by :

666 + 666 + 666
666 + 666 + 666
666 + 666 + 666
666 + 666 + 666 weeks

And the main reason for Arthur Kemp's book, March of the Titans being included in the "special selection" ?

was because Arthur Kemp was born after an INTerval of :

666 + 666 + 666 days

had passed since the EEC foundation treaty, the Treaty of Rome was signed on 25 March 1957

and because Arthur Kemp was born precisely :

666 666 666    666 666 666    666 666 666
666 666 666    666 666 666    666 666 666
666 666 666    666 666 666    666 666 666 days

or using the preferred 3 x 3 grid thus :

666 + 666 + 666 weeks
666 + 666 + 666
666 + 666 + 666 days

before coalition Cameron vetoed the new EU Treaty, which has, so clearly, upset our former EU friends ...

And so it goes on ...

I'll lay out these and more narrative structures in more detail later ...

See also the post above and links therein : Jo Cox narrative : The origin of the "Britain First" meme

Incidentally :


The start of Israel's most recent slaughter fest in Gaza, Operation Protective Edge followed the end of Operation Cast Lead by :

666 + 666 + 666 days


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