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Jo Cox narrative : The origin of the "Britain First" meme

Main DIF Jo Cox thread : Jo Cox narrative : The origin of the "Britain First" meme


Hello, my name is Jo Cox, former MP for Batley and Spen.

Among my many concerns was the Israeli slaughter in Gaza during the so-called 2014 Israel–Gaza "conflict"

On June 15, 2015, the same day as my regretful nomination for the Labour Party leadership election, Jeremy Corbyn was nominated, I moved an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons, asking the House to recognise the upcoming first anniversary of the slaughter in Gaza on 8 July 2015.

I can't recall now the reason why 15 June 2015 ended up being the day of my EDM on Israel / Gaza, so you'll have to work that one out for yourself ...

As you know, I was murdered on 16 June 2016.

During the non-trial of my alleged assassin, one of the alleged murder weapons, the knife, was described in court by Mr Horne, as a Fairbairn-Sykes "fighting dagger", a design first made for British special forces and commando units..

One of the co-designers of the Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife, was Eric Anthony Sykes who died on 12 May 1945

I suppose that it's just a coincidence that I was murdered by a weapon designed by a man who had died precisely :

666 months, 666 weeks, 666 days

before my Early Day Motion on the Israeli slaughter in Gaza.

My husband Brendan, probably spoke to you using the twilight language of the oligarchs, when he said :

"She had very strong political views and I believe she was killed because of those views"

He was right you know.

But they weren't the political views which you have been led to believe ...

Recall : "Thomas Mair's" alleged Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife and Jo Cox's Early Day Motion on Gaza

Posted here and here


Wikispooks : Jo Cox

Israel critic

Free Speech on Israel (Jews & friends who say anti-zionism is NOT antisemitism) wrote this tribute:

We share the widespread sadness and anger at what appears to be the assassination of Jo Cox MP by a right wing terrorist, and want to express our condolences to her husband Brendan, her children Lejla and Cuillin and her many friends.

The Electronic Intifada,[16] the Council for Arab-British Understanding (CAABU),[17] the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC),[18] and Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)[19] have all published tributes to Cox who was an outspoken advocate for Syrian and Palestinian human rights.

Last year she put down an EDM on Gaza to mark the first anniversary of the 2014 bombing,[20] and she called the Conservative government’s legal threats to curtail the boycott of Israel "a gross attack on democratic freedoms. It is our right to boycott unethical companies.”[21]

[20] "Early Day Motion on Israeli bombardment of Gaza" 15 June 2015

[21] "We mourn and will miss Jo Cox" Free Speech on Israel, 17 June 2016

Quote: : Early day motion 126


Session: 2015-16

Date tabled: 15.06.2015

Primary sponsor: Cox, Jo

Sponsors: Durkan, Mark ¦ Meale, Alan ¦ Corbyn, Jeremy ¦ Flello, Robert ¦ Weir, Mike

That this House recognises that 8 July 2015 will be the first anniversary of the start of the most recent and most devastating Israeli military operation in Gaza and resulted in, according to the UN,

more than 2,000 deaths, 1,492 of them civilians and 551 of those, children;

notes that there has been no meaningful reconstruction of Gaza which saw over 100,000 homes destroyed or severely damaged in last year's conflict,

that children in particular have suffered the harshest of conditions

and that no action has been taken to challenge the violations of international law as exemplified by the security wall, the ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territories, or the illegal blockade and separation of Gaza;

calls on the Government to intensify its actions within the international community and towards the Israeli government to resolve the humanitarian and political crisis in Palestine;

further calls for a more direct and stringent message to the Israeli government that progress on talks to reach a long-term and peaceful solution must be delivered within an agreed time frame;

and calls on the Foreign Secretary to prioritise action through the UN Security Council for a meaningful UN resolution in this regard.


I'm now going to tell you how my enemies further used my Early Day Motion on the Israeli slaughter in Gaza, against you all, to tie you up in knots and provide a theme, upon which they built their "Britain First" meme ...

It's very simple.

It should be staring you all in the face really.

"A little bit of googling" and some sound thinking and you'd be there already ...

Quote: : Britain First

Britain First is a far-right,fascist and British nationalist set of paramilitary thugs masquerading as a political party.

They were formed in 2011 by former members of the equally racist and fascist British National Party.

The party was founded by a former BNP councillor and member of the National Front Paul Golding and Jim Dowson, an anti-abortion campaigner linked to Ulster loyalist militants.

Golding led the party until 2016, when Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen took over the reigns of leadership, in the aftermath of the murder of Jo Cox and under suspicious circumstances.

The party's followers are known as "Biffers" by their opponents, similar to how UKIP's followers are known as racist xenophobes "Kippers".

Britain First campaigns primarily against immigration, multiculturalism and what it sees as the Islamisation of the United Kingdom, and advocates the preservation of traditional British culture, looking back on the good old days when outright racism and segregation was more acceptable.

The group is inspired by Ulster loyalism and has a vigilante wing called the "Britain First Defence Force".

It attracted attention by taking direct action such as protests outside homes of alleged Islamists, and what it describes as "Christian patrols" and "invasions" of British mosques, and has been noted for its online activism.

It has contested elections to the House of Commons, the European Parliament and the mayoralty of London, but has not held any elected posts.

On June 16th 2016, a man shouting "Britain First" shot Labour Party MP Jo Cox, who died soon after. Cox had expressed support for both Syrian refugees and the remain campaign in the EU referendum.

History of the term

The term "Britain First" was used prominently by Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists in Mosley's "Britain First Rally" in 1939, saying that: "This is a demonstration of 'Britain First' and, therefore, is a demonstration of world peace."[17]

It also featured in the masthead of The Blackshirt, a newspaper produced by the Union, and nabbed by the America First Committee, headed by Charles Lindbergh, and more recently by Donald Trump.

Additionally, the BNP website uses the phrase extensively, and the openly neo-Nazi November 9th Society ran under the name "British First Party" until 2010.

In 2016, the neo-Nazi National Alliance member Thomas Mair killed Labour MP Jo Cox – the last MP to be assassinated in public office since 1990 – after shouting "put Britain first" or "Britain first".

Golding was quick to denounce the attackers, unironically saying that you shouldn't judge a group of people by the violence of one man. Needless to say, most people saw the hypocrisy in this defence.

Although the phrase has been used in more moderate right wing circles – in 1970 by Edward Heath discussing British foreign policy goals, the 2010 Conservative document for a proposed British Bill of Rights claiming to "put Britain first" and David Cameron talking about controls on immigration – the use of this phrase in a headline by The Daily Telegraph was criticised by Adam Barnett of Left Foot Forward as a dog whistle for fascists, citing its use in the masthead of The Blackshirt and the modern far-right party.

Interestingly, Britain First tried to register under the name of "Vote British" in the London Mayoral Election, the same slogan openly fascist Oswald Mosley ran under for the General Elections in the late 1930s.

[17] Full speech of rally available online


This paragraph from the above text is revealing for what it omits :

On June 16th 2016, a man shouting "Britain First" shot Labour Party MP Jo Cox, who died soon after. Cox had expressed support for both Syrian refugees and the remain campaign in the EU referendum.

I should add to it :

She also opposed the Israeli slaughter in Gaza and on 15 June 2015 raised an Early Day Motion in the UK House of Commons, as described above.

Jo Cox called the Conservative government’s legal threats to curtail the BDS boycott of Israel "a gross attack on democratic freedoms. It is our right to boycott unethical companies.”


Wikipedia : Oswald Mosley

Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley, 6th Baronet ( 16 November 1896 – 3 December 1980 ) was a British politician.

Achieving political prominence at a very early age, and regarded at one point as a potential Labour Prime Minister, he is remembered principally for his role in the 1930s as the founding leader of the British Union of Fascists (BUF).

After service in the First World War, Mosley was a Member of Parliament for Harrow from 1918 to 1924, first as a Conservative, then an independent, before joining the Labour Party.

He returned to Parliament as Labour MP for Smethwick at a by-election in 1926, and served as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in the Labour Government of 1929–31.

He resigned due to his disagreement with the Labour Government's unemployment policies.

He then formed the New Party.

He lost his seat at Smethwick in 1931.

The New Party merged with the BUF (which included the Blackshirts ) in 1932.

Mosley was interned in 1940 and the BUF was proscribed.

He was released in 1943, and, politically discredited by his association with fascism, he moved abroad in 1951, spending most of the remainder of his life in France.

He stood for Parliament twice in the postwar era, achieving very little support.



Britain First Rally 1939

Earls Court - "Britain First" Peace Rally - 1939 Britain First

Exhibition Hall, Earls Court, July 16th, 1939

Fellow Britons, tonight the British people are here, (Cheers) and tonight from this great audience will be heard the voice of British people telling Parliament, telling Parties, telling Government something it is time that they should hear. (Cheers.)

This is a demonstration of “Britain First” (Cheers) and, therefore, is a demonstration of world peace. (Cheers.)

This, the greatest gathering of the English under one roof assembled, tells Government and tells the Parties: “At last we have had enough.” (Cheers.)

We are here to tell them there is something for them to do here in Britain, and when they fail to do it, as again and again they have betrayed our people, we, the British people in British Union, will do it for them. (Cheers.)

Enough we have had of alien quarrels, enough threats of foreign war, enough diversion from what matters to the British people, our own land, our own Empire and our own problems. (Cheers.)

We say to the Parties who betray, we say to them here tonight: “When you speak of war we tell you this, if any country in the world attacks Britain or threatens to attack Britain, then every single member of this great audience and of British Union would fight for Britain.” (Cheers.)

But just as straight this too we tell them. We say to the Parties who clamour for war, we fight for Britain, yes, but a million Britons shall never die in your Jews’ quarrel. (Loud Cheers.)

And before you drag a million Englishmen to doom, we of British Union, we, the British people in sacred revolution, will sweep you by the declared will of the British people from the seats of power that you disgrace. (Cheers.)



From Oswald Mosley's Britain First Rally and the first use of the term "Britain First" on 16 July 1939

to Jo Cox's Early Day Motion on Israel / Gaza on 15 June 2015 is :

INClusive =

= 911 months

The Number : 911


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