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Jo Cox : Brendan Cox's Bothy BS.

Main Jo Cox thread : Brendan Cox's Bothy BS.

felixfelix thank you for the info above re: The Sun publishing the "Duane St Louis" Thomas Mair "Brillo" & "Tune in a TV" bs on the actual day of the events in Birstall !

Further confirmation that the Duane St Louis ( < LSD ) garbage is just that and has been included for the usual reasons.

As you are aware, ever since the event and the subsequent "Jo Cox narrative", I have had no doubts that this is just another script.

I have satisfied myself to the n th degree now that the narrative is bogus and has been constructed in the usual manner.

There are plenty more examples to post which add more weight to the inevitable conclusion that we've been lied to yet again.

I have also said that I could only countenance the "hoax murder" scenario if both were lifetime actors.

For the "hoax murder" argument, I reasoned that for each point, there could be a plausible excuse / reason to counter the fact that we had not seen any blood at the scene, the family's reaction, the alleged pre-marital name change etc etc.

I have refrained from indulging in anything personal re: Jo and Brendan Cox, even to the extent that my undeniable instincts for this man were screaming that all is not well with him.

I am now as certain as I can be that this Grwyne Fawr story above is also bogus.

One might imagine that there are not any obvious dates associated with an old ruin of a shed / hut on some bleak hillside, but there are.

The UK bothies are managed and maintained by the Mountain Bothies Association - MBA

I have not been able to track down the date of their inaugural meeting at Dalmellington at the end of 1965 yet. It might be mentioned in their 50 th anniversary book, but I suspect that if it's not readily in the public domain then it would not have been used as a reference event in the script anyway.

This "open source" aspect of the narratives is critical in understanding the method by which they are constructed, why they are constructed and for whom.

The bothy dates which are available are :

- the date of registration of the MBA as a charity in Scotland

- the date of incorporation of the Ltd Company entity of the MBA

- the date of the domain creation of the MBA website

- the date of Brendan Cox's alleged visit to the bothy as per his tweet

So, since I saw the above bothy post this morning, I've been working on this bothy story simply because I find it hard to believe that a parent would take small children into the Brecon Beacons, to the Grwyne Fawr Bothy which is inaccessible by car, and which, since refurbishment from what looked like a derelict shed into a derelict shed with a stove which sleeps 3 people max.

The weather in the UK over Christmas has also been fairly dreadful, damp & covered with blanket fog. So, this Tweet from Brendan Cox and the resulting relationships has swung the balance for me now.

I know that his classic NGO background and his previous behaviour led many to doubt his sincerity, tweeting pictures & right on political messages the day after his wife had just been murdered etc., and we all know that, with the exception of the WRVS, the other two previously stated charitable recipients, the White Helmets and Hope Not Hate, both cast further shadows of doubt over his integrity.

If this bothy story is bogus, which I think it is, then this inevitably means that Brendan Cox now appears to be part of the problem.

Bothies are free to stay in but cannot be booked. There is no payment record, no paperwork and so unless someone in Brendan's party signed the visitors book then there will be no record of their alleged stay. Ideal.

If a bothy is already occupied when you arrive, then the bothy code states that every effort should be made to accomodate the new arrivals. If this is not possible then, as you can read from the various stories posted about this and other bothies, the backup plan is always to take tents.

Are we really supposed to acccept that Brendan Cox and presumably at least one other adult, took his two children and at least two cousins to a place where you don't even know if you're going to be able to stay in, until you get there, at a time of year when it is very cold, damp, foggy and miserable and where you have to trek on foot for quite some distance, carrying everything you need for your stay, including tents which you might end up sleeping in at this time of year ?

On that alone, my suspicions were aroused sufficiently to spend some time investigating.

My conclusion is that it appears to be just another story, constructed in the usual manner with the characteristic references to other events in the narrative and to those without, which as ever, really do show the way to the real reasons behind the entire affair.

I won't post them just yet because I don't want to lose track of the thread that I'm on with the Duane St Louis allegorical bs which I began posting earlier.

I do now think that it is very likely that Brendan is a lifetime actor / agent.

Which doesn't neccesarily mean that his wife is / was also, just that it might make it more likely to be the case than not.

My thoughts about Brendan are now much firmer than before. I'm 90+ % sure he is an agent.

Whereas until I see anything to the contrary about Helen Joanne Leadbeater / Cox then I will keep an open mind as it is entirely possible that she was an unwilling dupe in all of this and has been sacrificed for the cause.

I don't know either way, but I did want to let you know felixfelix that from your apparently innocuous bothy post this morning, you have now helped to persuade me further of your position.

For example, here are a couple of reasons why Brendan had to tweet something about the 28 / 29 th December 2016


Within the context of :

Thomas Mair's alleged half brother Duane St Louis : Brillo Pads : Israeli PM - Benjamin Netanyahu

"Stood down" MP for Batley and Spen Mike Wood : Israeli Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev

Labour MP Jo Cox murdered : BDS : Israel

Israel BDS

On 13 November 2014, Leicester City Council voted to adopt Councillor Mohammed Dawood's motion to boycott any produce originating from illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank until such time as it complies with international law and withdraws from Palestinian Occupied territories.

Read all about it here and here

Yet another Jewish self-interest group, Jewish Human Rights Watch ( JHRW ) was launched on 16 February 2015. I posted on another thread about Prime Minister Theresa May "adopting" a new definition of anti-semitism on 12 December 2016 and again about the kabbalistic relationship, yep you've guessed it, 666 days, between the launch of JHRW and Theresa May's announcement.

I mention JHRW because it was they who mounted a legal challenge in the High Court against Leicester City Council who were joined by two other local authority defendants, Gwynned Council and the City and County of Swansea.

The High Court rejected JHRW's action, ruling on the legality of the three council's BDS decisions on 28 June 2016.

On the 777 th day of Leicester City Council's vote to implement their BDS action against produce of the illegal West Bank settlements, Brendan Cox allegedly takes the kids to Grwyne Fawr bothy, 6 months to the day since the High Court ruling.


You may recall the Sky News article with this picture of a small selection of some books allegedly belonging to Thomas Mair :

As ever, if it's in the narrative then it's in there for a reason.

So, the question should be :

Out of all of those books in the bookcase, why were these books selected to be laid out and shown to us and not other books ?

More on that later, but for now we concentrate on the book at the right hand end of the bottom row, titled, Explaining Hitler the Search for the Origins of His Evil by author Ron Rosenbaum who we can see from the Wikipedia page was born on 27 November 1946

There are other reasons why this edition of Ron Rosenbaum's book has been included, just as there are for the other books which have been selected for us to see.

On the day of Brendan's alleged visit to the Grwyne Fawr bothy, 28 December 2016, author Ron Rosenbaum was either / or :

INTerval =

= 666 months, 666 weeks, 666 days

and / or :

INClusive ISUAF ( 2nd URL 1st ) =

= 666 months, 666 weeks, 666 days

and to the date of the Brendan Cox tweet the following day on 29 December 2016 is :


= 666 months, 666 weeks, 666 days


So, there's just two of the many reasons yielded from this story which leads me to the inevitable conclusion that it is in fact :

Brendan's Bothy BS ...


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