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Lightbulb Templar Revelation

Jesus was a disciple of John the Baptist, and that John’s religious teachings were essentially that of the Egyptian mystery religion of Isis-Osiris-Horus..

Jesus was initiated into the inner circle of John the Baptist, but was not selected to succeed him. Rather it was Simon Magus who was selected as John the Baptist’s successor...

Mary Magdalene had a ritualized, “sacred” sexual relationship with Jesus, in keeping with their religious beliefs, and as his initiator into the sacred mysteries had an equal relationship to Jesus..

Like Sarai is Saraisvati, she is also Isis, the greatest of Egyptian goddesses. Mary too is a duplicate of Isis. You see Isis was the consort of Osiris, hence the wife part. She was therefore the mother of Horus the Saviour - hence the mother of god. But Horus was Osiris reincarnated and so Isis was also his sister. Mary the Mother, Mary Magdalene the lover/consort and Mary of Bethany the sister are really and truly the hidden aspects of a much older Gnostic tradition that has no literal element at all! The three Mary’s are in reality three aspects of the one feminine principle - the feminine trinity...

Of course, we could find ourselves in trouble here, as nowhere does it state that Mary of Bethany was the sister of Jesus. However, its does state that Mary of Bethany was the sister of Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from the dead, or more pertinently was Jesus, raised from the dead..

Isis and Horus...You see, in Egyptian mythology it was the role of the son of God and saviour, Horus, to raise his father, Osiris, from the dead and in a sense resurrect himself, as Horus was Osiris resurrected...
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